Are there any monthly or hidden charges?
  • There are NO monthly or hidden charges when using 10-10-580. As with any long-distance call, applicable taxes will be charged by your phone company.

What are the rates for Advantage Call 10-10-580 calls?

Can I use 10-10-580 from any phone?
  • 10-10-580 is only available to customers in Ontario and Quebec with Bell, Rogers, or Videotron land lines.  The service will not work with cell phones, payphones, hotel phones, dormitories, and most businesses.

How will I be billed for 10-10-580 calls?

  • Your charges will appear on your regular phone bill in a section labeled “Other Carrier Messages.” Your bill will include the date and time of the call, and the number and location of the call. Simply remit payment to your regular telephone company as usual.

How long will it take before charges are applied to my phone bill?

  • Your charges will appear on your phone bill within 1 to 2 months of the date of the call.

What is a 10-10 number?

  • 10-10 numbers are long distance access codes giving customers the freedom to make long distance calls without changing their long distance carrier. By dialing the 10-10-XXX access number, your call goes over that carrier’s network. You’ll be billed for the calls on your local phone bill.

How do I use your service?

  • Simply dial 1-0-1-0-5-8-0 then 1 + area code + phone number to complete a call within Canada. To make an international call, dial 1-0-1-0-5-8-0 then 011 + country code, city code and phone number. Do not pause between dialing 10-10-580 and the number you are dialing.

To use your service, do I need to keep at least one long distance carrier?

  • You can use 10-10-580 regardless of your long distance carrier. Contact your local phone company to determine if you must have a long distance carrier. They may charge you for not having one.

Can I sign up for 10-10-580 as my long distance carrier?

  • 10-10-580 is not available on a subscription basis. Instead, it is available to you without switching long distance providers. To use the 10-10-580 dial around plan, simply pick up the phone and dial as directed (see Question 7).

Why should I use 10-10-580?

  • 10-10-580 offers great rates for North American and international destinations. Rates remain the same throughout the day so you can easily figure out the cost of your call. There is no need to changed providers. Instead, charges for your long distance calls will appear on your current monthly phone bill. There are no hidden fees or connection charges, however, a minimum charge of 25¢ per call is applicable.

Can this dial around plan be used from outside of Canada?

  • At this time, 10-10-580′s dial around plans are only available for calls made from within Ontario and Quebec provinces, Canada. You can use 10-10-580 where available to any country listed on our International Rates page.

Why are some countries not listed in the International Rates? And how do I get rates for those countries?

  • In order to keep the site updated frequently, we focus on only certain countries. The countries selected represent commonly called destinations and also provide listings for all parts of the world. View our International Rates page for more information.

What is a 10-10 dial around plan?

  • Dial around is an alternative long distance service offered by many long distance carriers that allows you to access their network while keeping your existing long distance carrier. In the US and Canada each carrier has a unique seven digit code (PIC code). You can frequently obtain lower rates by bypassing, dialing around, your home or work primary long distance carrier. To do so, simply dial the seven digit code of the dial around you desire (preferably 10-10-580) before dialing a telephone number. Your call will then be routed to the dial around carrier that is associated with the code you dialed. In effect you are “dialing around” your primary long distance carrier.

What is a special country code termination? How do I find out if I'm dialing to a special country code termination?

  • A special country code termination is an international toll number assigned to certain institutions in various destinations. These may include army bases, universities, hospitals, banks and other government institutions. A higher rates may apply to these destinations.